If you’re interested in studying music theory and composition, feel free to contact me to find out more about my services. I teach individuals of all ages and all abilities, and together we create a specialized learning plan that works for you.

When you study with me, you can expect to receive training in the following areas, keeping in mind that we will adapt each of these areas to suit your needs and abilities:

  • Music theory: We will study fundamentals like key signatures, modes, and scales to more advanced theoretical tools like harmony, form, and voice leading.
  • Counterpoint: After we develop a firm understanding of modes and intervals, we will progress to first, second, and fourth species counterpoint.
  • Music composition: We will focus on developing your craft and your voice by attuning your ear to what sounds energize you. We will work in whatever sound world you create, from traditional to extended techniques and from tonal to atonal soundscapes.
  • Score and parts preparation: We will work with good old fashioned pencil and paper, and we will never rely on playback programs that do the listening for you. But, eventually we have to prepare the score and parts in a music notation program. We will work through music notation conventions to make sure your scores are crystal clear to the performers who will read from them.

Above all, we will tailor your individualized learning plan to fit with what you require. If you would like to explore learning with me, fill out the form below:

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