Works List

Large Ensemble

Music for Orchestra in However Many Incarnations (2010-2011)
inspired by actors who played Dr. Who in Doctor Who
Listen to the first movement (on YouTube) (William Hartnell)
Listen to the second movement (on YouTube) (Patrick Troughton)

Poem (2007)
for mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra

Dance (2003)
for wind ensemble

Music for Orchestral Winds (2003)

Chamber Ensemble

Four Scenes about Cats (2017)
for cello, marimba/vibraphone, and piano
Written for Adrienne Louise Kleinman’s short film, A Tail of 2 Kitties

Incidental and Theme Music for Cooking with Frank N. Foode (2014)
for clarinet, cello, piano, and percussion

Trio (2014)
for flute, viola, and harp
Written for the Incidental Music Players

Wind Quintet (2014)
Written for the 2014 Bennington Chamber Music Conference

Sonata (2012)
Music for euphonium, four trombones, and two percussionists

Via the Void (2011)
for Pierrot ensemble and two percussionists
Listen (on YouTube)

Le Triangle d’Or (2009)
for reed trio

Music for Cello and Percussion (2009)
for cello, piano, celeste, and timpani

A Crescendo for Three Violas (2008)

Music for the play The Interrupted Dream by Harlan Chambers(2007)
for various voices, violin, cello, and piano
Listen to incidental music or vocal music

String Quartet “For a New Latitude” (2005)

Second Suite (2005)
for wind quintet

First Suite (2004)
for trombone quintet

First Fanfare (2004)
for brass quintet

Trombone Solo, “Blitz” (2003)
for trombone, timpani, and piano

Songs and Song Cycles

Cat Haikus (2015)
for mezzo soprano and piano
words by Amy Danielson

Time Sonnets (2014)
for baritone and piano
words by William Shakespeare from his Sonnets XII and LX

Aubades (2010-2011)
for soprano and piano
words by Traci Brimhall
Listen to “Aubade in a Burning House” (on YouTube)
Listen to “Oneiromancy” (on YouTube)
Listen to “Sonnet with Lightning and Bull Sharks” (on YouTube)
Listen to “Aubade with a Broken Neck” (on YouTube)

Aubade with a Broken Neck (2009)
words by Traci Brimhall
stand-alone version for soprano and piano

Poem (2007)
for mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra

Poem (2006)
for baritone, clarinet, and piano

Seated Man (2005)
for mezzo-soprano and piano
words by George Oppen

Songs of the Birds (2005)
for female voice (Sprechstimme) and piano
words by Emily Dickinson


Percussion Duo (2013)
for stacked marimba/vibes and piano

Music for David and Kristine (2008)
for flute and piano

Duo for Violas “A Trifle Too Quiet” (2008)

Music for Oboe and Cello (2007)

Three Movements for Marie, “Adieu” (2004)
for flute and piano

The Eve (2003)
for flute and piano


Vier kleine Cembalo Stücke (2008)

Dialogue (2006)
for viola

Ephemeral Movements (2006)
for piano

Soliloquy (2005)
for flute


Arden Forest (2002)
for flute, violin, viola, and cello

Ave Maria (2002)
for SATB choir and piano

Six Creative Wits (2002)
for clarinet and piano

Invention Reminiscence (2001)
for harpsichord

Morning Tune (2001)
for piano

Waltz of the Toys (2001)
for piano

Celebration in Brass (2000)
for trombone quartet

Piano Solos (2000)

Chiropiera (1999)
for concert band

The Long Journey (1999)
for flute and piano

Piano Solos (1995-99)